Pre School Program

We have created a pre school program based off the six learning areas for Kindergarten as outlined by the Department of Education.

  • Area 1: Creative Arts
  • Area 2: English
  • Area 3: Mathematics
  • Area 4: Human Society and its environment (HSIE)
  • Area 5: Science & Technology
  • Area 6: Personal development, health & physical education

Our Pre-School program jumpstarts your child’s education with curriculum-based, pre-school learning with engaging activities. Our preschool program is led by university qualified Early Childhood Teachers who take a holistic approach to your child’s development, extending their competencies and skills as they prepare to make the transition to school.

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Grandparents Day 2023

To celebrate Grandparents Day the children in the Ocean Adventurers room went for a visit to Southern Cross Care, where they spent time with all the residents and presented them with a Grandparents Day placemat. In the afternoon we opened our doors to welcome our...

Graduation 2022

What an amazing afternoon we had yesterday celebrating our Kindergarten leavers with a Graduation celebration and party, we watched all the children with excitement make their way to the stage to be presented with their certificate. It has been an absolute pleasure to...

Book Week

Book Week at Caves Beach Early Learning Centre.What a magical time we have had this week ‘Dreaming with Eyes Open’. As the children spent time listening to many different story times and dressing up as their favourite characters.