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Why Caves ELC

We understand the importance of choosing the right early education provider for your child. We also appreciate how critical the first six years are to a child’s development. From 0-6, a child’s brain develops more than at any other time in their life!

  • Our educational programs draw on the experience of the leading thinkers in early learning and children’s development
  • Our network of health professionals including specialist support in occupational health, speech, dental and vision
  • Our modern centre’s environment is designed with your child in mind, to stimulate and aid their learning journey
  • Our outdoor space is a haven for exploration and discovery, designed and built by specialists with a passion for early learning
  • We provide morning tea and afternoon tea daily, which means you can pack and prepare your child’s favourite foods for lunch. This also means your child will develop the skills to open their lunch boxes and packets before they get to Kindergarten. Hats and sunscreen are also provided.


Here at Caves Beach ELC we believe in creating a warm and home like environment that has a strong emphasis on building trusting relationships with families, children and the community.

Our key philosophy points focus on establishing a curriculum that is rich in interest based activities, promoting cultural competence and encouraging children to explore, investigate, imagine and discover the world around them.


Caves Beach ELC have a strong belief in providing an educational program that encourages children to explore, create and investigate the world around them.

Our program is centered around play- based learning, spontaneous experiences that derive from educator observations and children’s interests and input from our families and community.

We research and plan experiences that are thoughtful, meaningful and take into account children’s age, abilities and strengths.


Qualified, professional, respectful and caring…these are the qualities we look for. After all, Educators are models of behaviour for your child.

Getting Active

Here at Caves Beach ELC we take pride in getting the children active and teaching them the importance of a healthy, well balanced life style. Through our outdoor program, we engage the children in both planned and spontaneous experiences that promote physical activity and skills, including:

  • Balance and coordination
  • Wellbeing
  • Flexibility
  • Climbing
  • Catching and throwing and much more


Our learning environments are well thought out spaces that encourage children to explore, create and investigate. We regularly update our learning spaces to cater for Children’s growing strengths, interests, skills and our educational program goals.

We aim to provide an environment that is rich is natural elements, allowing the children the autonomy to freely explore their surroundings, both indoors and outdoors. Our natural learning spaces create a calming atmosphere for the children to explore.

You are beginning an exciting journey into early learning for your child. We hope we can make it as enriching for your child and rewarding for you.

Caves Beach Early Learning Centre is one of the leading early learning centre’s in the area. Our passionate Educators are what make our centre special. Our high-quality curriculum; dedication to health and wellbeing; set in a resource rich environment, means your child is ready to make the best start in their early education experience.

Our teams cater to newborns through to preschool age in an environment where they feel safe, nurtured, stimulated and happy.

Our school readiness programs take a holistic approach to giving your child the best opportunity to begin their primary education.

Our focus is genuine care for your child, because this is where learning begins. Our small rooms mean our Educators can focus closely on your child’s development and foster their interest in learning.

I would like to extend to you a warm welcome to our Caves Beach Early Learning Centre community.

Miriam Khalil – Approved Provider

our staff

Centre director

Meet Kylie. Kylie is a mother of three and has been working within the Early Learning Education sector for 17 years. She has a Diploma in Early Education along with a Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment, qualifying her ability to teach within the early education sector.

Kylie’s passion for education started at a young age when she would volunteer during the school holidays at a cousin’s day care.

She believes that when children feel safe, secure and supported in their environment, they can form secure attachments and form a sense of belonging. As the leader of the Baby Room, she places utmost importance on creating a nurturing space where children’s routines are consistent with that at home.

Kylie strongly believes that each child is an individual, with unique strengths, skills and abilities and with positive scaffolding, children can thrive and develop a love for learning, right from the word go.

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If Caves Beach ELC sounds like the right place for you, we would love to have you. To enrol, simply pop on down to the Centre for a tour and request an enrolment form to start the process. 

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We encourage families to come and view our Centre and meet our friendly staff to discuss your children and ask questions. Taking a tour is the perfect way to showcase our great learning environment and allows us to get to know you and your child better so we are able to provide the best care possible.

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